did you know that Maine weddings …

Bring 6,160 Jobs

Contribute $359,000,000 to the Maine Economy

about the report

We all know that Maine’s wedding industry is a powerful force in its contribution to the Maine economy. What we don’t know is the exact contribution. With the right data, we can back up what we know to be a thriving, growing, exceptionally talented, powerhouse industry.

Our goal with this report is to gain information that will help all stakeholders to better understand the wedding industry in Maine and the impact on our economy. By doing so, we hope to provide ways for business, government entities, and analysts, to make more informed decisions. We strive to help those entities gain clarity through data included in the Maine Wedding Report.

included in the report

Summary of basic statistics and estimates of the industry both nationally and statewide.
All wedding expenditures made in Maine by resident couples.
All wedding expenditures made in Maine by nonresident couples hosting a ‘destination’ wedding in Maine.
Wedding trends in Maine and the US.
Demographic outlook on the Maine population and potential impacts on the wedding industry.
A summary and description of the spending patterns of the wedding industry.
A summary and description of tourism spending patterns.
Economic modeling findings of the local industry.
Economic contributions of the wedding industry in Maine.

why we did the report

Nadra Edgerley, the owner of Nadra Photography and Confident Creatives, began her photography career in San Francisco, California. After receiving her degree in studio art, Nadra and her family moved to Maine where she relaunched her photography business, growing to six-figures within her first two years. Now, almost twenty years later, Nadra is an accomplished photographer, mentor, business coach and mother of four. She lives on the coast of southern Maine with her husband and children.

Heidi Curry, an owner of William Allen Farm, opened her historic wedding barn venue in 2014 in Pownal, Maine with her husband Al. Heidi and Al were married on the property in 2013, and live in the 200-year-old farmhouse. Together they have continued to restore the original post and beam barn, creating a stunning blank canvas event space.  Their passion is their love for their property and helping to create lasting memories for the couples who marry there each year.

After hours of conversation about the exponential growth they had witnessed in the Maine wedding industry, these two friends joined forces in 2018 to form the Maine Wedding Report. In order to sustain and grow their small businesses, Heidi and Nadra felt the need to find a tool that would provide data, information, and insight within the Maine wedding industry. As part of this effort, Heidi and Nadra sought out the assistance of the Maine Center for Business and Economic Research at the University of Southern Maine, to conduct the first-ever third-party economic impact study of its kind. This project is the first step towards having a unified voice as a growing and thriving wedding industry, with the ultimate goal of attracting more destination wedding business into the state of Maine. Heidi and Nadra remain committed to their core mission, advocating for Maine as a premier destination wedding location, and for the exceptional talent, they believe the Maine wedding community has to offer the world.





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